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Welcome to FROST!
We are a full-service Amazon FBA consultancy firm that support small and medium sized companies to grow their brand online and increase sales on Amazon. With years of hands-on and strategic experience, FROST can assist in every aspect of your Amazon FBA Business.

FROST Cultivates Business Online

Founded in Hong Kong in 2014, the company initially developed and sold its own brand and line of products across multiple continents. Started from a simple idea, the company successively grew the business to become an Amazon success story. Today, FROST helps clients to plan, launch and cultivate business online in general, and on Amazon in particular.

What We Do:

  • Account set up
  • Listing creation and optimization
  • Competitor research
  • Amazon advertising
  • Customer and review management
  • Brand registry
  • International Expansion
  • Customer and Review management
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We Also Assist With:

  • Private Label Creation Support
  • Sourcing, Manufacturing and Quality Control
  • Logistics, Supply-Chain and Value-Added Services
  • Digital Marketing and Sales Support
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Peter Luxenburg Founder & CEO at FROST LIMITED

Peter is a serial entrepreneur and eCommerce consultant based in Hong Kong. He has worked in China since 2007 when he managed a mid-size machining company with manufacturing, sourcing and assembly services catering to companies in the west.

In 2013, he got into selling on Amazon and soon created an online private label brand of quality bar accessories. In 2014 he founded FROST, a consulting firm that helps small and medium sized companies to launch and grow their business online in general and on Amazon in particular.

With years of hands-on and strategic experience, FROST supports its clients with everything from product selection and brand creation to online sales and supply-chain planning.

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