Social Media Management

Build brand awareness across the Internet!

As a brand it is important to show your customers that you also exist outside of the Amazon marketplace. Not only does it give credibility to your brand, but helps you tell customers about your other products or upcoming product launches.

At FROST, we can offer you a full package or parts of it;

Content creation: Content is created to effectively communicate a brand message and to engage Fans. This requires understanding the precise demographic and optimizing for each social media application. ​

Publish: Understanding the unique user groups and functions of each application allows us to leverage it to maximize results.

Understanding how the behavior patterns on each social media application are different gives us the insight to better target Fans using multiple applications strengthens the brand message across the customer journey.

Engagement : The most important aspect of Social Media and unique to social media. This includes influencer engagement, social CRM with Fans, lead generation, growth hacking and other techniques to maintain sustainable growth and engagement with high quality Fans​

Analytics and Reporting​ : Using 4 KPIs we monitor, measure and refine the strategy to achieve sustainability over:​ 1. Fan growth 2. Engagement 3. Demographic targeting 4. Conversions


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