About creating content on Amazon

The objective of optimized products listing, is to create a keyword rich content copy (text) to make your product more discoverable. This enhances your chance of conversion. Conversion, also known as the order/click rate is what eventually drives up your products ranking and so forth long-term positioning and success. We utilize the information found in our market research to create a detailed product page together with images, head title, bullet points, product description (incl EBC, Enhanced Brand Content), back-end search terms as well as any related amazon required customer audience information.

Getting your Amazon Listing to the top requires a thorough research and a up-to-date understanding of Amazon’s constantly changing ranking algorithms. Being a part of multiple International high-level MM:s (Master Minds) groups ensures us (incl you 😊) that we are always sitting on the latest information and updates. This and more goes into ranking higher than your competition on search results.

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