Listing Creation

Search friendly content (SEO)

The objective of search friendly content aka search engine optimized (SEO) product listings, is to create a keyword rich sales copy that matches customers search term to enhance your products discoverability. Having customers find your products through organic or sponsored ads and then clicking on it is just the beginning though. Next step is to convert those visitors to buyers. Known as the conversion rate [unique page views divided by orders] is what eventually drives up your products ranking and so forth long-term positioning and success. We utilize the information found in our market research to create a detailed product page together with images, head title, bullet points, product description (incl EBC, Enhanced Brand Content), back-end search terms as well as any related amazon required customer audience information.

Getting your Amazon Listing to the top requires a thorough research and a up-to-date understanding of Amazon’s constantly changing ranking algorithms. Being a part of multiple International high-level MM:s (Master Minds) groups ensures us (incl you 😊) that we are always sitting on the latest information and updates. This and more goes into ranking higher than your competition on search results.

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