PPC Ads / Marketing

How to market your products and what we can do?

With amazon marketing services and sponsored ads you only pay for performance. Per per click or PPC that its usually called, charges you only for ads that receives a click. Therefor its is up to you to make sure your ads show up when they are supposed to (relevancy). This is where many companies fail and over spend, having customers click on your ad only to find out it was not what they were looking leads to a low conversion rate and increased ad spending. Eventually this will also lead to lower ranking, visibility and sales

  • Best tool for advertising on Amazon if their AMS Service
  • Invest Wisely
  • Pay only for performance
  • Results matter for your business. That’s why you’re not charged until a shopper clicks your ad. Plus, you have control of your campaign budgets at any time.

Within AMS, you have different ways on presenting your products ads. There are banner head ads, target display ads and sponsored ads. They all appear and cost differently and depending on your specific product, budget and advertising goal, either one of them can be the optimal choice for you or a combination of it.

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